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Vocational training linked to job solving for people in resettlement areas
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Vocational training linked to job solving for people in resettlement areas

One of activities of the project "Developing co-management model of environmental resources and promoting the rights of children and women in Phú Vang district, Thừa Thiên Huế province” is to organize training courses associated with job solving for workers belong to 5 communes of the project. On that basis, Hue Center for Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) coordinated with Thừa Thiên Huế Center for Vocational Training and Job Placement and Vinh Phú People's Committee held industrial sewing course at Community Learning Centres (CLCs) of Vinh Phú commune.

The employment is a great concern of many generations of leaders in the stricken coastal communes of Tam Giang lagoon, Phú Vang district, including Vinh Phú. Vinh Phú is located in the southeast of Phú Vang district, with the area of 774 ha, comprising surface water area. The population is about 5111 mouths with 925 households, is divided into six hamlets and a fishing team. People’s main livelihoods here are agriculture and fishing. In recent years, natural resources in the lagoon with aquatic species have been depleted. The agriculture of commune has mainly planted crops (potatoes, cassava, peanuts ...), the area of rice only accounts for 63 ha. Therefore, people's life is extremely difficult and the income is unstable.

Currently, the commune has about 1.600/2.764 workers participating in service sectors, but most of them have not been trained through any training courses. Children have leaf school early and migrated for job everywhere from north to south, but they are not equipped with the knowledge of employment. So, the above activity of the project has helped resolve issue of labor and employment which is really urgent in local.

1. New orientation - Industrial sewing

Determining the vocational training for rural workers is one of the most important objectives for economic development of families and society. In addition, implementing Decision 1956/CP of Government on vocational transition for rural workers and the resolution of commune’s People's Council early 2011 on vocational training for local workers, commune’s People’s Committee directed to Board of Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction and Community Learning Centre coordinate with CSSH to implement this work.

Assessing training needs of people and existing industrial zones in the district, commune’s People’s Committee and CSSH have opened industrial sewing class. This is a career that industrial parks are recruiting large numbers of workers, in accordance with abundant labor in local.

2. Initial results

With the consent of Provincial Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and Phú Vang Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; the coordination of People’s Committee and Community Learning Centre of Vinh Phú commune and Hue Center for Social Sciences and Humanities, belong to Hue University of Sciences. In early 2011, Center for Vocational Training and Job Placement coordinated to deploy enrollment for workers who have needs participate in industrial sewing courses in Vinh Phú and neighboring communes. In middle of February 2011, the course began in operation. However, due to some objective difficulties, the courses officially had opening ceremony in early April 2011. Starting the course, there were 37 participants with the age from 16 to 25. Students from 3 communes are Vinh Phú, Vinh Hà and Vinh Thái. The course was officially deployed within three months. The actual number of hours is 312 classes, with 80 theory classes and 232 practice classes, under the guidance of 04 teachers.

With the dedication of theory teaching and practical instruction of teaching staff, along with the efforts of students, the course has ended with 35 certified practitioners. 3 students are excellent, 32 students are good, in which 9 students belong to poor household, 1 student is the child of wound soldier ¼.

Students have received vocational training certificate in closing ceremony

After graduation, 18 students have been employed at enterprises in Phu Bai Industrial Zone (HBI Company and Phú Hoài An Company) with a starting salary from 1.3 to 1.5 million / month, including insurance regulations prescribed by the State. The rest students have not yet worked due to busy family arrangement

Students are very happy when industrial sewing courses were deployed in commune, which is very convenient for travelling, especially free tuition. Ms. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Hạnh (student) said: "We are peasant workers living at Vinh Phú and neighboring communes in Phú Vang district. Because natural area of land is little and unfertilized, the raising and crop planting is little developed. A division of labor is unemployed or underemployed. The life is very poor and difficult. However, it is difficult for us to participate in trainings for job or change jobs, because we must go to District and Huế city to study.

Ms. Hạnh also added: "The early of this year, thank you for the attention of departments, commune’s people’s committee, provincial Center for Vocational Training and Job Placement, especially Hue Center for Social Sciences and Humanities, we participated in free industrial sewing course at Hà Bắc hamlet of Vinh Phú commune. This is chance for us to participate in vocational training and get new jobs.

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Muống (student) also said: "For first time joining in the course, we were very hard to master the large, fast sewing machine. However, after over 3 months, thanks for dedicated teaching of teachers, the effort to students, spacious classrooms with the full of machinery and motivation of communal leadership and staff of CSSH, we strived to complete the course program and 20 students have worked stably after final exams. "

Workers have worked at Phú Bài Industrial Zone

In the implementation of vocational training, there are issues handled:

+ First: in early period, 60 workers registered to participate, but to opening date, number of students was not guaranteed. Facing to such difficulties, Community Learning Centre of Vinh Phú commune and local management board as well as CSSH staffs discussed plans to campaign more actively. Local management board reviewed a number of workers in need and went to each family to campaign without minding to rain and flood. This plan has brought positive results, 37 workers participated in the course from beginning to end.

+ Second: The collaboration among stakeholders is not sometimes smooth which causes a number of students participate in the course not high. But in implementation process, many departments gave their hands to the success of the course, such as CSSH, People’s Committee and Vinh Phú’s local management board who campaigns and holds. Center for Vocational Training and Job Placement supported facilities for schools and learning sites. After the course, CVTJP introduced students to work at Phú Bàii Industrial Zone.

+ Third: Rural workers are not strongly to change their careers, or if changing, they want to both work and study without regular training. Because they have no financial conditions and time to go to school. This is the highest concern for workers at Vinh Phú in particular and Phú Vang in general. Some workers is not enthusiastic and do not take pains to participate due to their age.

3. Development Orientation in the future

Currently, People’s Committee and Community Learning Centre of Vinh Phú commune are continuing to coordinate with vocational training centers of the province and district in order to open new courses and attract untrained workers to participate in local vocational trainings, strengthen vocational training for rural workers according to the content of Decision 1956/CP of Government, strive to complete criteria that resolution/People's Council commune have set out early. In the future, Provincial Center for Vocational Training and Job Placement will continue to introduce recruitment units for the rest students of the course.

Not only in industrial sewing training, Commune’s People’s Committee will conduct training need assessment of practitioners in whole commune and expand to diversify careers in accordance with aspiration of students and social needs.

Beyond achieved initial results, the training course has brought positive humanism meaning. Percentage of trained workers in rural areas has been raised to increase the quality of labor resources. Immediately job solving at local has contributed to reduce the risk of labor migration in big cities and industrial zones, limit potential risks, insolvable social issues for migrant workers, especially young workers.